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Coronavirus Panic Buying

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Read the text and complete the missing information.�

Coronavirus Panic Buying

Shoppers around the world are embarking (1) panic buying sprees because of fears over the coronavirus. People in countries as far (2) as England, Japan, Singapore and Australia have been emptying supermarket (3) �of toilet paper, face masks, hand sanitiser and dried and canned food. Governments have advised their citizens that there is (4) need to "panic buy". They added that panic buying would only reduce the supply of products needed by medical staff and carers, which could (5) �the problems the COVID-19 virus is causing. Footage of shoppers in Australia brawling over the last pack of toilet roll in a supermarket has gone (6) across social media.

Psychologists say panic buying is an "irrational" behaviour that is part of a condition called FOMO - the (7) of missing out. Dr Katharina Wittgens said a herd mentality sets (8) during disasters that causes people to copy the actions of others. People watch the news of items being bought (9) bulk and immediately rush out to the stores to do the same. She said people were overestimating the risks of dying from the coronavirus. She said: "(10) more people die in car accidents or household accidents per year but we don't panic about (11) �things in the morning before we go to work." Singapore's prime minister reassured Singaporeans that: "We have ample supplies. There's no need to stock up."

�Write the number in the correct definition.
Paragraph 1
A time or period of activity of a particular kind.
Make a problem or bad situation worse.
Beginning a course of action.
Fighting or arguing in a rough or noisy way.
A length of film made for movies or television.
Spreading very, very quickly over the Internet.
7.go viral
A liquid that makes things clean and hygienic.

Paragraph 2

Buy many things and keep them for later use (especially in an emergency).
Very large quantities.
10.herd mentality
Said or did something to remove the doubts and fears of someone.
11.in bulk
An expert on the human mind and human behaviour.
Not logical or reasonable.
Enough or more than enough; plentiful.
14.stock up
A behavior in which many, many people follow the actions of the group to which they belong.
�Find in the text a synonym for the following words:
  1. cut�
  2. imitate�
  3. fighting�
  4. way of thinking�
  5. sufficient�
  6. starting�
  7. worsen�
  8. chances�
  9. clearing�
  10. illogical�