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Banksy´s famous artwork and controversy

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LESSON 3: Banksy’s famous artwork and controversy

Objective: Explaining an artist’s message

1. Search the internet and look at Banksy, Moblie Lovers, 2014 and Banksy, Slave Labour, 2012
2. Complete the following descriptions of Banksy’s artworks with 10 of the words below:

artworks – works of art – canvas – consumer society – sewing machine – society’s flaws – trick – controversial – cynical – ironic – cause controversy – keep secrecy – raise awareness – spark a debate – spray for change

Both  are quite  and seem to .

In both , Banksy sheds light on . With the first picture, Banksy denounces the  and especially people’s addiction to their cellphones. Despite the intimate situation, they prefer looking at at their phones rather than at each other.

With the second picture, Banksy probably wants to  about slave labour. The title and the flag make the whole artwork convey a  message. The little boy is using the  to sew British flags, which becomes a way for Banksy to  about child labour during the preparation for the Olympic Games in London in May 2012.