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Friendship-Exercise 3

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Choose the best option to fill in the blanks.

Dear Selin,

- - - -

I’m going to have a barbecue party in our garden tomorrow.

Why don’t you join us ?




1                                                                                                         Answer 1:








A)  I’m sorry to hear that

B)  It is going to start at 4 p.m

C)  I hope all is well in your world

D)  I guess you know my address


Hi, Demet

Our school is organizing a nature walking activity on Saturday .......         ? Please answer my email if you can come.



2.                                                                                                          Answer 2: 










A)  Where is it going to be

B)  What time does it start

C)  Would you like to join us

D)  Who is the invitation for


Dear Sally,

We are going to join a volleyball tournament

 tomorrow. I know you are really into sports.
Would you like to watch us ?
I hope to see you there.

- - - -



  Answer 3:



A) Best wishes                 B) Not at all

C) Maybe later               D) That’s better



Hi, Caner

We are organizing a surprise birthday party on Saturday. - - - - . Would you like to join us? We can pick you up if you want.

Cheers Gökhan


4.                                                                                                        Answer 4:






A)  We are going to meet at 2 p.m

B)  Don’t forget to bring something to eat

C)  I guess you have my phone number

D)  I think it is not going to be fun


Find the antonym of the words.(Zıt anlamı bulunuz)


   1.Busy X ?                                                                   1.


     A) Free                          B) Loyal

     C) Close                     D) Ideal


2.Accept X ?                                                             2.


A) Discuss                     B) Refuse


C) Visit                           D) Involve


3.Tell a lie X ?                                                         3.


A) Tell jokes                  B) Tell the time


C) Tell a story                D) Tell the truth


4.Get bored X ?                                                      4.


A) Have fun                    B) Give reason


C) Keep secret                D) Take place


5.Together X ?                                                        5.


A) Funny                        B) Sender


C) Alone                         D) Helpful