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Describing an event

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Describing an Event
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Describing an event
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Objective: describing an event (articles and prepositions)

Imagine you’re a fan of Bansky. You want to write a post on your blog about Banksy’s famous pranks.

Watch the videos and complete the post with the appropriate articles and prepositions.



Banksy loves organizing pranks!

In this video, he has organized  art sale  the street  New York City near Central Park. Each work of art costs $60.  Customers buy it as  souvenir from NYC, as  gift or to decorate their house. Some people even ask for  discount and get 50 percent off.

Banksy probably organised this event to surprise  people and to say that  art should be accessible and affordable to anyone. He may hope his action will change the world of  art.

In the second video,  art sale takes place  Sotheby’s, the famous auction house  London, and  artwork costs $1.4 million. Banksy organised  prank during  sale of his famous painting, Girl with Balloon. The painting self destructed once sold. There was a shredder installed inside the frame of the painting.  People were speechless and surprised by this prank.

The expression “We got Banksy-ed” means that people who bought the artwork and those who were  the auction sale were fooled by Banksy. They thought they could buy  Banksy’s artwork but it was  trick: Banksy outwitted them! He certainly wanted to denounce the fact that it is ridiculous to sell and buy  artworks at such  price!