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What does it mean? 1

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What does it mean? - 1

1. What does “to denounce” mean?

a) To rename  

b) To change from verb to noun  

c) To publicly or officially condemn  

d) To postpone  


2. What does “corpulent” mean?

a) Fat or plump  

b) From the body  

c) A military rank  

d) A special drink for babies  


3. What does “to intend” mean?

a) To try and do something  

b) To order someone to do something  

c) To refuse to do something  

d) To mentally plan to do something  


4. What does “dishy” mean?

a) Delicious, to taste good  

b) To be attractive or sexy  

c) To be the size of a meal  

d) Very hot  


5. What does “to fast” mean?

a) To not eat  

b) To go very quick  

c) To join together  

d) To reserve in a special place  


6. What does “dullard” mean?

a) An attractive person  

b) An old person  

c) A stupid person  

d) A big person  


7. What does “extravagant” mean?

a) To spend money irresponsibly  

b) To always need more  

c) To be peculiar  

d) To be well-liked by everyone  


8. What does “to sip” mean?

a) To drink in small mouthfuls  

b) To speak quietly  

c) To sit on the floor  

d) To make very little noise  


9. What does “deception” mean?

a) Disappointment  

b) A dishonest trick  

c) A cancelled appointment  

d) A second celebration of something  


10. What does “to contest” mean?

a) To argue or fight against a decision  

b) To permit  

c) To fail  

d) To answer a series of questions  


11. What does “mare” mean?

a) A small inland sea  

b) A female horse  

c) An adventure on the sea  

d) A bad dream during the day  


12. What does “yolk” mean?

a) A joke from the county of Yorkshire  

b) The yellow part of the egg  

c) A harness for linking two animals  

d) A kind of steering wheel for a plane  


13. What does “basement” mean?

a) A subterranean floor, room or level  

b) The bottom of a mine  

c) The foundation of a plan or idea  

d) The foundation of a column  


14. What does “complexion” mean?

a) The condition of the skin or the face  

b) A housing estate  

c) The physical build of a person  

d) The fear of something  


15. What does “to delight” mean?

a) To extinguish a source of light  

b) To commit a crime  

c) To make stupid  

d) To find or take pleasure in something  


16. What does “to pretend” mean?

a) To think about doing something  

b) To try to do something  

c) To want to do something but not be able  

d) To act, mime or give the appearance of something to be true