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Past Simple Regular Verbs Affirmative Forms Spelling

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Past Simple
Regular Verbs
Affirmative sentences 
Spelling rules:
1) usually we just add +edjump – jumped; ask – asked; talk – talked; look – looked.
2) if the verb ends with -e, then +d: love – loved; like – liked; dance – danced; type – typed.
3) if the verb ends with -y after a consonant: try – tried; cry – cried; study – studied; tidy – tidied.
   * but if the verb ends with -y after a vowel: play – played; stay – stayed; enjoy – enjoyed.
4) if at the end there is consonant - vowel - consonant, then the last letter doubles: stop – stopped; hop – hopped.
Exercise: fill in the gaps with the Past Simple forms of the regular verbs.

Last Friday in Scotland was a beautiful day.

I 1.  (visit) Grandma and we 2.  (walk) away.

We 3.  (study) the map and 4.  (climb) up the hills.

I 5.  (hop) and I 6.  (dance) proud of my skills.

At about 5 o’clock we 7.  (decide) to go,

We 8.  (live) far away, so we had to do so.

I 9.  (carry) the basket and 10.  (play) on the way

And soon we 11.  (arrive) at the place where we 12.  (stay).

It 13.  (start) to rain when we 14.  (close) our door,

We 15.  (talk) and we 16.  (laugh) and 17.  (hurry) no more.

Grandmother  18.  (cook) me a meal and I 19.  (thank) for the day.

Grandma, I love you, was all I 20.  (want) to say.                                                                                                                            
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