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Complete the following test - CRIME AND LAW 

Reading 10 points

1 Read the text. 

Dorothy L Sayers was a famous British crime writer. She was born in Oxford in 1893. Sayers grew up in a religious home and this influenced her writing later in her life. After she finished school, she went to Somerville College in Oxford to study modern languages. She graduated in 1915 and then moved to London. While Sayers was working in London, she began to write murder stories. Her first book came out in 1923. It was about an English detective, Lord Peter Wimsey. He was intelligent, athletic and an expert on food, men’s fashion and classical music. Lord Peter was the hero in 11 of her novels.

In 1926, Sayers got married to Captain Oswald Arthur Fleming. Three years later they went to live in a town in Essex. It was a good place for her to work because it was quieter than London. Her books were very popular and later she became the president of the Detection Club. In the 1930s, she began writing plays for the theatre.

By 1936, Sayers wasn’t writing crime novels any more. Then the BBC asked her to produce a play for the radio. This was before the invention of television, so many people listened to the radio for entertainment. She wrote The Man Born to Be King– a radio drama in 12 parts

Complete the sentences.

 1.Dorothy Sayers studied at university.

2. Lord Peter Wimsey knew a lot about .

3. After Sayers’ books were popular, she became .

4. Sayers wrote a for the BBC.

5. Dorothy Sayers lived from 1929 until the end of her life.

Answer the questions about the text. Primera palabra de la frase en mayúscula. 
1.When did Sayers start writing? 

2. Who was Lord Peter Wimsey? 

3. Why did many people use the radio for entertainment in the 1930s? 

4. Who was The Man Born to Be King

5. How did Sayers express her opinions to the public? 

Vocabulary 20 points

1 Write two answers for each sentence. (6 points)

1. They are both weapons. and

2. These people work in court. and

3. These people are criminals. and

2 Complete the sentences with suitable words. There may be more than one correct answer.  Primera palabra de frase en mayúscula (6 points)

1. Pirates from Somalia sometimes  ships.

2. carry guns when they work.

3. The British and the French police the death of Princess Diana ten years ago. 

4. in different subjects help the police with their work.

5. When we touch something, we leave our on it.

6. A saw something and can tell the police more information about the crime.

3 Choose the correct answer. (8 points)

After two weeks in 1., Judge Tom Cracknell sent Craig Townend to 2.for 14 years. Townend and his partner stole 20 expensive paintings from the York City Art Gallery. The two men entered the gallery and tied up the workers. They were dangerous because they were carrying 3. at the time of the 4.. Before they left the gallery, the 5.took money from one of the 6.because there wasn’t enough petrol in their car. Four months later, the police 7. Townend. There was enough 8.– they caught him while he was trying to sell the paintings.

Grammar 30 points

1 Complete the sentences with the verbs below. Use the Past Continuous. Usa formas cortas/contraídas. Primera palabra de frase en mayúscula (6 points)

listen  explain  draw  write  not stand  look for

1. Three newspaper reporters in their notebooks.

2. The lawyer papers in his bag.

3. The security guards next to the door.

4. the members of the jury to the witness?

5. A forensic scientist about DNA.

6. an artist the people in the court?

2 Complete the sentences with the correct verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple or the Past Continuous. Los verbos que se dan en cada frase, pueden ir en cualquiera de las dos partes de la frase. No siguen el orden que viene ahí.  (14 points)

1. While we in the garden, a burglar in through the front door. (come / work)

2. While the expert fingerprints, the police officer his report. (examine / prepare)

3. The witness to cry while the detective her. (start / interrogate)

4. It when the man the gun into the sea. (throw / not rain)

5. While I about forensic science, my friends information about famous crimes. (search for / read)

6. We when the police a thief in our street. (sleep / arrest)

7. Whatthe guard when the prisoner ? (run away / do)

3 Complete the text with the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple or Past Continuous. (10 points)

It was an ordinary day at the Northwest Side Bank in Chicago. At 5.00, the workers 1.(work) as usual when Olga Perdomo 2.(come) into the bank. She 3.(wear) pyjama trousers and a dark-coloured sweater with a hat. She went up to one of the workers and 4.(give) her a note. The note said, “All of your money, no cops”. The worker read the note and 5.(say), “The bank is closed. Come back tomorrow.” Perdomo walked out. But there was something she 6. (not know). While she was in the bank, a video camera 7.(take) photos of her. A few days later, one of the bank workers 8.(see) Perdomo while she 9.(walk) outside the bank. The worker called the police and they 10.(arrest) Perdomo immediately.