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Don´t kick the chair

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Don't Kick the Chair - Dia Frampton

1. Choose the right word that you hear

Have you  felt like everybody’s watching
Waiting for you to
you ever felt like you’re living in a spot light
Searching for the real
me have you ever woken up
Just to wish you close your eyes                                                                      
 hard to find a friend in a city like this                                                     
Where you can’t even trust a

2. Write the missing words. The images can help you.
There are lonely   when you see no hope    
And you’re feeling short of  
Like a whole damn world is a braided  
In a noose around your   

3. Unscramble the lines chorus.

 It can only get better
 Don’t kick the chair
 It’s gonna get better
 Don’t kick the chair

4. Unscramble the words in parenthesis.

Have you ever felt  (ovle), really really felt love
The kind that  (clodu) save a life
But right before you know it you find out in a  (emnotm)
You’re  (agonn) have to say good bye


Yep, yep you know
If I can make it through then you can to
Yep, yep I’m good focus like always
Feels like I’ve been hit, hit, hit by ten brick walls
Some people like to just sit, sit around and wait for you to fall
Then bounceback way quicker than you fell down
Laugh in their face like what
See nothing can break me
No no no no, no, no, listen:
if you gotta think twice bout life
some really ain't right
You don't need no help
you could be better all by yourself...