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Occupations 3

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         Occupations #3 

   Read each question and choose the best answer.  

1. Who repairs your water systems or pipes?

2. Who works in politics?

4. Who is a member of the police force and try to prevent crime? .

5. Who delivers mail to different locations?

6. Who makes money from selling land or houses?

7. Who passes knowledge to students? .

8. Who works for the army?

9. Who makes clothes for others?

10. Who who drives a taxi?

11. Who is the person that is at the reception of an office or company?

12. Who works in the science industry and does experiments?

13. Who types letters, keeps records in an office?

14. Who works in a store selling products?

15. Who looks after sick animals.

16. Who looks after customers and serves food?  

17. Who translates from one language to another.

18. Who patrols areas to check that people do not park in the wrong place.

19. Who organises and sells touristic and business flights for others?

20. Who cleans the windows of big buildings?