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Phrasal Verbs about Pandemics

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Insert the phrasal verbs that fit best into the gaps in the sentences below. You will need to conjugate them appropriately.
air out - bear up - break out - call off - catch out - come down with - coop up - do without - drag on - fit out - get down - keep away - lay off - lead astray - listen up - lock down - pull through - run out 

1) The government has asked people to from each other during the state of emergency and maintain a distance of at least 2 metres.

2) The government has decided to the country  and confine everybody to their homes.

3) Many countries have been and were not prepared for a virus that was so contagious.

4) We need to do something entertaining and fun to stop us from or going completely stir crazy after being in the same place for more than a month.

5) There isn’t any more wine. Oh well! We will have to until it’s time to go shopping again.

6) My wife is a doctor and she told me households that have large families should open windows and all the rooms in the morning in case somebody has a cold or virus.

7) We were very frightened when my father caught the virus but were so relieved when he and made a complete recovery.

8) After the second week of quarantine, the days really seemed to . Thankfully, I had lots of books to read and plenty of TV shows to catch up on.

9) There are 9 people all together in the flat over the road from us. I don’t know how they can cope with each other for so long in such a small space.

10) I need to go to the supermarket because we have of wine.

11) The country needs to and take note of what the scientists and medical professionals are saying during the pandemic.

12) There needs to be some kind of law against people who post fake news about the virus online to people . This kind of activity could cost lives.

13) The disease first in China before it spread to the rest of the world.

14) My wife is a doctor and had to self-isolate when she started to  symptoms of the virus which she could have caught from her patients.

15) When the government announced the emergency measures, my company had to the majority of the workers. It has promised to give everybody their jobs back when the quarantine has finished.

16) The leading medical officer in the country has demanded that the country’s hospitals be with ventilators and the appropriate protective clothing and equipment.

17) We had to our holiday in the UK when the outbreak first started.

18) The family has been confined to their home for nearly 6 weeks now but they are pretty well. In fact, they seem to be quite happy.