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1. This is��cat.��cat is big.
2. I live in��house.��house is very old.
3. I can't sleep at��night.
4.��Nile is the longest river in Africa.�
5. Hello! My name is��Nick��Nowak. I live in��London in��UK.�
6.��dogs are my favourite animals.�
7. In��morning my dad always reads a newspaper.�
8. At school I don't like��History and��English.
9. I live in��old city.
10.��Vistula is��longest river in��Poland.
11. My dad plays��guitar.
12. I like playing��football.�
13. I go to��school five times a week.
14.��Sun goes round��Earth.
15. She is��best student in our class.
16. My sister plays��piano. I play��drums. My mum plays��violin.
17. In my school you can play��basketball,��volleyball or��football.
18. I'm going to the shop. I will buy��apple,��orange,��bottle of water,��potatoes and��totatoes.
19. I go to��work by��bus.
20. I had some bread and ham for��breakfast.
21. In my bag I have��book,��phone,��apple and��pen.��book and��pen belong to Mark.
22. Let's go to the cinema in��afternoon.
23.��Pacific Ocean is bigger that��Baltic Sea.�
24. We are going on��holiday to��Tatra Mountains.
25. On��Monday I'm not going to��school because it's��Easter.
26.��hottest months in��Europe are�June,��July and��August.
27. At��weekend I was very tired so I went to��bed early.
28. This is��new boy in our class.��boy's name is Alan.
29. I have��room with my brother.��room is� biggest room in our house.�
30.��water,��milk,��sugar and��bread are uncountable (niepoliczalne).�