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1. This is  cat.  cat is big.
2. I live in  house.  house is very old.
3. I can't sleep at  night.
4.  Nile is the longest river in Africa. 
5. Hello! My name is  Nick  Nowak. I live in  London in  UK. 
6.  dogs are my favourite animals. 
7. In  morning my dad always reads a newspaper. 
8. At school I don't like  History and  English.
9. I live in  old city.
10.  Vistula is  longest river in  Poland.
11. My dad plays  guitar.
12. I like playing  football. 
13. I go to  school five times a week.
14.  Sun goes round  Earth.
15. She is  best student in our class.
16. My sister plays  piano. I play  drums. My mum plays  violin.
17. In my school you can play  basketball,  volleyball or  football.
18. I'm going to the shop. I will buy  apple,  orange,  bottle of water,  potatoes and  totatoes.
19. I go to  work by  bus.
20. I had some bread and ham for  breakfast.
21. In my bag I have  book,  phone,  apple and  pen.  book and  pen belong to Mark.
22. Let's go to the cinema in  afternoon.
23.  Pacific Ocean is bigger that  Baltic Sea. 
24. We are going on  holiday to  Tatra Mountains.
25. On  Monday I'm not going to  school because it's  Easter.
26.  hottest months in  Europe are June,  July and  August.
27. At  weekend I was very tired so I went to  bed early.
28. This is  new boy in our class.  boy's name is Alan.
29. I have  room with my brother.  room is  biggest room in our house. 
30.  water,  milk,  sugar and  bread are uncountable (niepoliczalne).