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Simple past tense practice

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Simple past tense - practice
1) Choose the simple past of the verbs given.
drop - 
miss - 
have - 
break -  
lose -  
2) Match the words to the pictures, write the numbers in the boxes below the pictures.
1) an accident
2) a camera
3) a leg
4) a stomach ache
5) a train
6) a wallet 
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3) Write the sentences in simple past tense using the words given. 
Tracy/miss/the train. 
Thomas/have/a stomach ache. 
They/have/an accident. 
Jeremy/drop/a camera. 
Dad/lose/his wallet.  
Alan/break/his leg. 
4) Complete the sentences in negative. Choose the correct possibility.

            a) I   breakfast yesterday.

b) Mum  spaghetti for dinner yesterday.

c) Tina  tennis yesterday.

d) We   TV yesterday.

e) I  to the cinema last week.

f) My dad  a new car.

 5) Match the questions to the correct answers, write the correct letter in the boxes next to the anwsers.

a) Did you go to the cinema yesterday?                            No, she didn’t.

b) Where did you play tennis?                                  He ate fish and chips.

c) Did your dad go to work yesterday?                      Yes, I did.

d) Did Tina buy a new T-shirt?                                  We bought this car 3 years ago.

e) Did your parents sell the house?                           I played tennis in the park.

f) What did your brother eat for lunch?                      No, they didn’t.

g) When did you buy this car?                                              Yes, he did.