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Modals - Should, Would, Could

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                        WOULD    COULD    SHOULD
We use WOULD to talk about unreal or unlikely situations ("If I had a lot of money I would buy a yatch."), to make polite offers (Would you like anything to drink?), to talk about something that happened regularly in the past (When I was a kid I would go camping every year).
We use COULD to suggest possibilities in the future ("Look at those dark clouds! It could rain tonight"), for abilitity in the past ("Dad could play basketball when he was younger"), to request something in a polite way ("Could I use your bathroom, please?), give a polite suggestion ( If you visit Rio you could go to Ipanema beach.)
We use SHOULD to express something that is probable ( I studied a lot so I should get a good grade.) ,for advice (You should stop eating junk food). and to ask questions ("Should we go to Mary's party tomorrow?") 
 Fill the gap with would, wouldn't, could, couldn't, should or shouldn't. 
1.  you please turn on the fan? It's very hot in here.
2. You  see a doctor if your headache doesn't get better.
3 you like some coffee or tea?
4. If I were the president of the board, I  make several changes.
5. You  eat more fruits and vegetables.
6. I buy a new car even if I had the money.
7. When he was young, he  speak English very well, but now he can.
8. Kids  spend so much time on the computer. They  go out and play games.
9. This morning I  find my car keys anywhere! I had to take a bus to go to work!
10.  you turn the music down? Thanks!
11. I  travel around the world if I had more money.
12. You  smoke. It's not good for your health. 
13. I'm hungry! We  order pizza tonight.