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 State Symbols - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus    

             Belarus is a little country Europe. It’s a good place to visit as the trip will not be very expensive and country is full traditions and great examples architecture and culture. One of surviving monuments of architecture in the country is the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Polatsk, dating from the 11th century and built in the Eastern Orthodox style. The church of Boris and Gleb in Hrodna dates back the 12th century.

              Among museums in Belarus are the Great Patriotic War Museum and the National Museum of the History and Culture of Belarus, located in Minsk. Other notable attractions are the Brest Fortress, completed in 1842; the Khatyn Memorial, constructed in remembrance of Belarusian villagers massacred Nazis; and the Stalin Line museum complex, which preserves a series of defensive fortifications used in World War II, near Zaslavl.

               The name of the Belarusian village Khatyn is in the world. It disappeared in 1943, when Nazis burnt it with its people alive. Only one man survived. The memorial opened in 1969. Instead of houses there are chimneys with bells which ring every hour to tell this story, to make people remember every forth Belarusian died in Great Patriotic War.

Brest-hero fortress is the historical and military memorial. In the past soldiers protected it without food or water. On the territory there is a monument called “Thirst” that a dying soldier.

But Belarus is famous not only f its history but also for its great nature. There are some reserves and national parks. One of them is Pripiatsky National park with 60 mammals species and more 200 species of birds. It’s a nice place to go fishing, boating, birdwatching.

1)Belarus is a huge country. true    false
2)The church of Boris and Gleb dates back to the 12 century. true false
3)Brest fortree was completed in 1842 true    false
4)Khatyn memorial was opened in 1943 true false
5)One of the monuments in Brest fortress is "Hunger". true false