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WH Questions - WH WORDS

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A- Change the following sentences to questions beginning with the given question word.
  1. They live in Brooklyn.��������������� Where �?
  2. The lesson begins at 8 o�clock.�� What time� �?
  3. They get home at 6 o�clock every night.����������� What time��?
  4. She speaks French very well.����������������� What �?
  5. Those books cost one dollar.���������������������������� How much �?
  6. They travel by car.����������������������� How �?
  7. She wants to learn English because she wants a better job.����������������������� Why� �?
  8. They meet on the corner every morning.�������������������� Where �?
  9. She teaches us grammar.������������������ What �?
  10. He gets up at seven every morning.���������������� When �?
  11. Those girls sell newspapaer there.�������������� What �?

B- Supply DO or DOES to complete the following present tense questions.

  1. Where �John live?
  2. What time �the plane leave?
  3. Where �you hang your hat and coat during the lesson?
  4. Where �they live?
  5. What �these girls generally do over the weekend?
  6. How �that child go to school?
  7. Who �Helen help at�home?
  8. When �we eat lunch in the cafeteria?
  9. What �the children eat there?
  10. Where �George live?

C- Choose the best WH word:

  1. �do you want to eat? Pasta and cheese.
  2. �do they smoke? Cigarettes.
  3. �does John drive? Cars.
  4. �do we get up? Early in the morning.
  5. �does that girl go swimming? At the club.