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Wh-Questions: Sports

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Grammar - Information Questions
 Instructions: Complete the Wh-Question based on the answer and its underlined elements. 
1. Q:  is your favorite sport?                    
    A: My favorite sport is basketball. 
2. Q:  is the person that trains a team?
    A: The person that trains a team is called a couch.
3. Q:  are my boxing gloves?
    A: Your boxing gloves are on the table.
4. Q:  do you play badminton?
    A: Similar to tennis, players participate by hitting a shuttlecock with a racket.
5. Q:  is the next archery competition?
    A: The next archery competition is on June 11th.
6. Q:  do fencers have to wear masks?
    A: Because swords are dangerous and the need to protect their face.
7. Q:  tournaments have you participated?
    A: I have participated in 9 tournaments.
8. Q:  do you practice rock climbing?
    A: I practice rock climbing over the weekend.
9. Q:  are 2020 Olympics going to be held?       
    A: The 2020 Olympics are going to be held in Japan. 
10. Q:  is your favorite athlete?
      A: My favorite athlete is Rafael Nadal.