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Summer wine

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"Summer Wine"

by The Corrs & Bono

1.Listen and fill in the missing words with the help of the pictures
�� , cherries and an angel's 犲n spring
�� My summer 犲s really made from all these things
1st stanza: Put the verbs in the correct tense
�� I �(walk) in town on silver spurs that jingled to
�� and (sing) a song that I (sing) just for a few
�� She (see) my silver spurs and (say) let's pass some time
�� And I (give) to you...summer wine
�� Ohhhhh...summer wine
Chorus: Fill in the missing words
��Strawberries, 蟵nd an 's kiss in spring
�� My summer 犲s really made from all these things
�� Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the
�� And I will give to you...summer wine
�� Ohhhh...summer wine
2nd stanza: Choose the correct word
�� My eyes 㗖eavy and my lips they could not
�� I tried to 抦p but I could not find my
�� she reassured me with an unfamiliar
�� and 坟he gave to me more summer wine
�� Ohhhh...summer wine
3rd stanza: Unscramble the lines
𤪻ur silver spurs were gone
�When we woke up
�Who took the silver spurs a dollar and a dime
慯he sun was shining in our eyes
𦅙y head felt twice its size
鼦nd left us cravin' for more summer wine
� Ohhhh...summer wine
Read the informaton about the Corrs in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Corrs蟵nd answer the following questions
1) The original song was sung by
�� a) Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra� b) Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazzlewood� c) Ville Vallo and Natalia Avelon
2) In the video the singer and the violinist are
�� a) sisters�� b) cousins�� c) schoolmates
3)鼦ndrea plays
�� a) the tin whistle�� b) the violin�� c) the drums
4) The group's music is characterised as
�� a) pop rock�� b) folk jazz�� c) folk rock
5) The group performed at the Summer Olympics of
�� a) 1996�� b) 2000�� c) 2004