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Full English Breakfast

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Full English Breakfast
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How to Make a Full English Breakfast

The Full English�Breakfast is a traditionally cooked "breakfast" that today is also served at other times during the day, like at�"Brunch" - breakfast and lunch - which is a late breakfast and a early lunch and quite often eaten on the weekends by many busy city people.�

The usual ingredients of a traditional full English breakfast are bacon, eggs, fried�tomatoes, fried mushrooms,�fried bread�or toast, and sausages, usually served with a large cup of tea or a "mug" of tea. Black pudding is sometimes part of English Breakfasts in places like Scotland; as well as fried leftover�mashed potatoes, often�called "Porato Cakes" or�"Bubble and Squeek"�- a vegetable left over from the previous night that is fried with potatoes. Baked beans�and hash browns are also a modern�staple in many dishes.

When an English breakfast is ordered in a pub or restaurant and everything�available is added to it, it is often referred to as a�"Full Monty"

  1. Is an English Breakfast only eaten at breakfast?
  2. Where is Black pudding served? .�
  3. Are baked beans a very popular ingredient in modern day English Breakasts?
  4. What's the name of the Full English Breakfast that includes everything?
Now�watch�the video�and see how a Full English Breakfast is made at the "Blacksmith's Caf�".
Now try to answer the questions from memory.
1. What foods are used to make the Full English Breakfast in the video


Pork sausages

One sausage

Fried onions



Bake beans



2. Which utensils are NOT needed or mentioned in the video?
a spatula ����a saucepan���� a fork���� a can opener���� a knife �� a spoon���� fry pan
3.���Do you chop the tomatoes? ���
4.�How many rashers of bacon are needed?�
5.What ingredient is added second to the fry pan?�
6. Are the eggs cooked with the sausages?�
7. How do you know the eggs are done?�