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present perfect tense with adverbs

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THE PRESENT PERFECT TENSE WITH: ever, never, just, already, yet, still, for and since
Use the correct words to complete the sentences. 
Peter:   Have you  been to Disney World?  
Jane:    Yes, I have. I went there in 2010.   Have you ever been to the one in Paris?
Peter:   No, .  To be honest, I don't really like that sort of thing.  I've  visited any of the theme parks in my city either.
Jane:    I love theme parks!  I try to visit Warner Brothers parks in different cities but I  haven't been to the Warner Brothers Park in Madrid. 
Peter:   Seriously?  Haven't you been to the one in Madrid ?  I can't believe it!  But you live in Madrid!
Jane:    I know.  Strange, right?  I've lived in Madrid  six years and I    haven't been to its most popular theme park.  What about you? 
Peter:    What about me?
Jane:      You don't like theme parks and that sort of thing.  So, what do you like?
Peter:     Oh, you would find it very boring.
Jane:      You're not going to say "museums" are you?
Peter:     Well, actually I was.  I love art and history, so...
Jane:     Have you  visited the Prado Museum?
Peter:   Oh yes. I've  been there.
Jane:    How many times?
Peter:   I've visited it lots of times.  Every time I'm in Madrid, but I haven't been there in a long time.
Jane:    Oh really,  when?
Peter:    Mmmm.  Let me see...    last year, I think.
Jane:    That's not a long time.
Peter:   For me it is.
Jane:    Have you been to any interesting museums recently?
Peter:   Yes, I have.  I've  returned from a trip to London and while I was there, I visited the British Museum.
Jane:    Wow!  That must have been so interesting.

Peter:   It was.