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Question Words Quiz
Objectives:Use Question words properly
Points: 30
A. Write the numbers in the squares to match the questions word with its main topic. (7 points)
1. WHAT   2. WHERE   3. WHO   4. HOW   5. WHEN   6. WHY   7. WHOSE
 People   Places   Reasons   Things   Possession   Way/Manner   Time
B. Read the questions and answers. Then write the correct question word.  (10 points)
1.  are you talking to?  I'm talking to Nicole.
2.  are you from?  I'm from Brazil.
3.  do you get to the shopping mall? - Go along Grecia Avenue
4.   was the last time you watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? - Yesterday. 
5.   is your Jacket, the red one or the purple one?  - The purple one. 
6.   Jacket is this? - It's Felipe's. 
7.  did you buy that jacket? - At Falabella 
8.  did you buy that jacket? - Last month 
9.  did you buy that jacket? - Oh! it was love at first sight! 
10.  did you buy that jacket for? - Oh! It's a gift for Laura. 
C. Read the questions and answers. Then write the correct Adjective/adverb. (6 points) 
1. How  are you? - I'm 16.
2. How  is the nearest police station? - about 2 kms from here
3. How  time has been since the last time we saw each other? - I think 10 years!
4. How  is teacher Raúl? - He's 174 cms.
5. How  times have you been to Italy? - Twice in the last two years 
6. How   is Tokyo? It's the largest city in the world, so pretty big.
D. Match the questions with the answers. (7 points) 
1. How long is th film?                                  More than 8000 m, it's such a huge mountain!
2. How high is the Everest?                           On February 2nd.
3. What time is it?                                          2 and a half.
4. When did you get there?                            I have no idea. Look under the bed!
5. What your favourite dish?                         2 hours and a half.
6. Why are you here?                                     Fish and chips
7. Where's my mobile?                                  Because I wanted to see you.