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Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,
 using the word given.
1 During her medical studies she met her future husband.(studying)

 While   she met her future husband.

2 It was snowing all night. (stop)

It all night

3 They had breakfast and talked about the film at the same time. (were)

While they    they talked about the film

4 On his arrival to the party  everyone was dancing. (got)

When everyone was dancing.

5 He had more freedom when his father was away from home. (travelling)

While he had more freedom.

6 Films on TV are better now than when I was a child. (improved)

Films on TV I was a child

7 It’s ten years since I went to England. (for)

I haven’t  ten years.

8 Tom started learning French last year. (been)

Tom  since last year.

9 Mary moved here three months ago.(living)

Mary  three months.

10 First the thief went into the house and then he stole the PC. (entered)

After  the house  the thief stole the PC.

11 James had a shower and then he had breakfast (had)

After  James had breakfast.

12 He was very tired after driving all day (been)

He  all day so he was very tired.

13 They don’t let their children stay up late. (allowed)

Their children  stay up late.

14 The dog was run over by a lorry. (killed)

The dog by a lorry.

15 The price of the room includes dinner.(is)

Dinner the price of the room.

16 The inspector is examining the case.(being)

The case the inspector.

17 The Smiths were building a swimming pool. (built)

A swimming pool  by the Smiths.

18 I regret having to leave the party so early(apologize)

  to leave the party so early.

19 “I did not take the money” said the boy (hadn’t)
The boy said 
  the money.
20 “Who drank my wine?” she asked. (had)

She wanted to her wine.