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Cinema Dialogue

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1-Look at the Movie Tickets Below and then complete the dialogue:
Donna: Let's go to the movies this weekend?
Erick: Sure, we can watch The Evil Dead.
Donna: What type of movie is that?
Erick: It's an .
Donna: I don't know Erick. Where is it playing?
Erick: It's playing at the .
Donna: What time does it start?
Erick: It starts at .
Donna: OK, let's watch that.
At the movie theater... 
Erick: Can I have two children's tickets for The Evil Dead, please?
Clerk: I'm sorry but that movie is only for adults aged 18 and over.
Erick: I'm sorry Donna, I didn't know the movie was rated .
Donna: It's OK. Let's watch something else. How about The Iron Giant?
Erick: It's an . I'm not a big fan of cartoons, Donna.
Donna: Let's watch Star Wars, then.
Erick: OK. Can I have two children's tickets for Star Wars, please?
Clerk: Sure. That's $ dollars.
Erick: There you go.
Clerk: Thanks. Here are your tickets and your $4 dollars change.
Erick: What screen is it?
Clerk: It's screen . Enjoy your movie.
Erick: Thank you.
Donna: Let's go Erick, it's about to start.