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Phrasal Verbs Quiz

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Phrasal Verbs Quiz
 Objective: - Use phrasal Verbs effectively
 Points: 30 points
A. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences. (23 points)
1. Use the blue bin to  paper, cardboard and boxes, please.
2.  Mark Zuckerberg is  a new facebook subsidiary organisation next month.
3 Somebody has to  this mess. The headmaster is on his way here!!!
4.  People in the high desert communities near Palm Springs, California, are the pieces after last night's earthquake.
5. He didn't tie up the boat properly, so it began to
6. The caterpillar will a butterfly in 9 to 14 days. 
7. Let us  to praise the Lord! 
8. I'm so tired that I don't even going to the party. 
9. I don't want to , but that car you're thinking of buying is very hard to maintain. 
10.  I had to a bad case of nerves before taking the exam.
11. I would never have gone skydiving if I'd known I was going to a broken leg.
12. That short walk  all my energy.
13.  He's always to his classmates. he wants to be the centre of atenttion.
14. How did you ever a silly idea like that?
15. He woodworking after inheriting his grandfather's tools. 
16. Tension is between the two communities. The conflict is about to start. 
17. You must snakes when walking in these hills. They are everywhere.
18. He wants to be a rapper, but I think he'll it.
19. The teacher told us to the exercise she had assigned while she prepared a test.
20. Francisca the party, and she told Gerry and me.
21. Just  a pair  of jeans and let's go clubbing!
22.  She's been yoga recently - she does three classes a week.}
23. I live in Ñuñoa so I often  the banks in Irarrazaval. 

B. Fill in the spaces with one of the following "come" phrasal verbs. (7 points)
come round / come up with / come on / come across / come up / come back 
1. If you later, we can do our homework together.
2. She from the anaesthetic yet.
3. A lot of young people leave the town and never
4. We Monica in the post office yesterday. I hadn't seen her for ages.
5. You need to  a catchy name for your product if you want to succeed.
6. ! let's have some fun.
7.  If the subject of divorce , try to change the subject.