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There are my Costa Rican People

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Watch the video untill minute 3:51 and based on the information told by the girl in such a video solve the following quizz.
1. Costa Rica is a _____________country?
2.  Why does it take forever go to anywhere in Costa Rica? Because of the ________
3.  The girl in the video says that Costa Rica has a bunch of different climate. It means that when it rains_________
4. Why does the girl's umbrella get broken when it rains?Because it rains , it is_________ 
5. How is Cartago´s climate  according to the girl's description? It is_________  
6. What kind of food does the girl like? She likes_________

7. According to the girl "Ticos" will eat rice and beans ________________ 
8. Ticos add____________________to their "PINTO"
9. Besides rice and beans what other 3 things do Costa Ricans eat when they eat "CASADOS" ?
10. What are three ingredients found in a "Chifrijo" in Costa Rica?