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Present Simple or Continuous

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Simple Present or Present Continuous
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Present Simple or Continuous:

Read the  dialogue between a Polish businessman and his British colleague. Choose the correct option:

Eric: Hello. I'm Eric Johnstone. I  here in the IT department.

Jan: Nice to meet you. I'm Jan Mazowiecki, ffrom PDC Poland. I  the head office here in London.

Eric: Ah yes. I heard you were here. Would you like a cigarette?

Jan: No, thanks. I  . But please go ahead.

Eric: Thanks. So where in Poland  from, Jan?

Jan: I'm from Gdanks.

Eric: And how long  here in England?

Jan: I  here for three months. I  about PDC's operations in the UK. What about you? Are you based in London?

Eric: Yes. I  a permanent office here, but I  abroad a lot - three, or sometimes four days a week.

Jan: Where  on your business trips?

Eric: To Europe, and sometimes South America. So  your stay here?

Jan: Yes, it's very interesting.

Eric: And  time to go sightseeing in London?

Jan: No, not really. But I hope to have time before I leave.