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Reported Speech Review 3 (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
Third Year Students
Technological Streams 2003/2004

Exercise Seven:Rewrite each sentence in reported speech using the verb in capitals.

1) �I'll definitely return it tomorrow,� he said.������� ����������������� PROMISED
He promised to definitely return it the following day����������������������������������������������������������� � .
2) �Did you invite Tom to your party?� he asked. ������������������ ASKED
He asked me .
3)��You should stop worrying about his exams,� she said.������ ADVISED
4) �Yes, I'll come with you,� he said.�� ������������������������������������ AGREED
5) �Why don't you come with us?� my parents asked.��� ��������� SUGGESTED
6) �Don't believe anything he says,� she said.������� ������������������ WARNED
7) �Write your names at the top of the exam paper,� he said.�� TOLD
8) �Don't forget to take the car to the garage,� he said.��� �������� REMINDED
9) �I won't talk to him until he apologizes,� she said.����� ���������� REFUSED
10) �I have to be there before she arrives,� he said.� �������� ������� SAID

Exercise Eight: Write indirect questions from these questions.

1) Where is the post office?�������� ��������������� Could you tell me where the post office is�������������������� ?
2) What does this word mean?����� �������������� Do you know ?
3) What time is it?������������������������������ �������� I wonder .
4) Where did you park your car?���������������� Don't you know where ?
5) Where does Jack live?��������������������� ������ Do you have any idea ?
6) What time did he live?�������������������� ������� Do you know ?
7) Where can I change some money?�� ������� Could you tell me ?
8) What qualification do I need?��������� ������� I want to know .
9) Why didn't Tom come to the party?�������� I don't know .
10) How much does it cost to park here?����� Do you know ?

Exercise Nine: Choose the correct completion a, b or c. Write the correct ltter in the box.

Mary: "I will go downtown tomorrow."
��� Jill: "Mary said (that) she would go downtown ."
a. on Friday�� b. tomorrow�� c. the following/next day
2) Mary: "I am going to play tennis today."
��� Jill: "Mary said (that) she was going to play tennis ."
a. that day�� b. today�� c. tomorrow
3) Mary: "I went shopping yesterday."
��� Jill: "Mary said (that) she had gone shopping ."
a. yesterday�� b. the day before�� c. on Saturday
4) Mary: "I am enjoying life now."
��� Jill: "Mary said (that) she was enjoying life ."
a. now�� b. at that time�� c. today
5) Mary: "I will cook dinner later this evening."
��� Jill: "Mary said (that) she would cook dinner later .
a. that evening�� b. in the evening�� c. this evening
6) Mary: "I'm going to class in three hours."
��� Jill: "Mary said (that) she was going to class ."
a. three hours before�� b. three hours later�� c. in three hours
7) Mary: "I went to bed early last night."
��� Jill: "Mary said (that) she had gone to bed early ."
a. the night before�� b. last night�� c. the night prior
8) Mary: "I am going to go to London in 10 days."
��� Jill: "Mary said (that) she was going to go to London ."
a. in 10 days�� b. 10 days later�� c. on Wednesday
9) Mary: "I had lunch at noon."
��� Jill: "Mary said (that) she had had lunch .
a. at 12 o'clock�� b. at noon�� c. that noon
10) Mary: "I will play cards the day after tomorrow."
����� Jill: Mary said (that) she would play cards ."
a. in two days�� b. on Thursday�� c. two days later
11) Mary: "I bought it three years ago."
����� Jill: "Mary said (that) she had bought it ."
a. in three years�� b. three years ago�� c. three years before