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Reported Speech Review 3 (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
Third Year Students
Technological Streams 2003/2004

Exercise Seven:  Rewrite each sentence in reported speech using the verb in capitals.

1) “I'll definitely return it tomorrow,” he said.                          PROMISED
  He promised to definitely return it the following day                                                              .
2) “Did you invite Tom to your party?” he asked.                    ASKED
  He asked me .
3) “You should stop worrying about his exams,” she said.       ADVISED
4) “Yes, I'll come with you,” he said.                                        AGREED
5) “Why don't you come with us?” my parents asked.              SUGGESTED
6) “Don't believe anything he says,” she said.                           WARNED
7) “Write your names at the top of the exam paper,” he said.   TOLD
8) “Don't forget to take the car to the garage,” he said.             REMINDED
9) “I won't talk to him until he apologizes,” she said.                 REFUSED
10) “I have to be there before she arrives,” he said.                   SAID

Exercise Eight: Write indirect questions from these questions.

1) Where is the post office?                         Could you tell me where the post office is                     ?
2) What does this word mean?                     Do you know ?
3) What time is it?                                        I wonder .
4) Where did you park your car?                 Don't you know where ?
5) Where does Jack live?                             Do you have any idea ?
6) What time did he live?                             Do you know ?
7) Where can I change some money?           Could you tell me ?
8) What qualification do I need?                  I want to know .
9) Why didn't Tom come to the party?         I don't know .
10) How much does it cost to park here?      Do you know ?

Exercise Nine: Choose the correct completion a, b or c. Write the correct ltter in the box.

Mary: "I will go downtown tomorrow."
    Jill: "Mary said (that) she would go downtown ."
  a. on Friday   b. tomorrow   c. the following/next day
2) Mary: "I am going to play tennis today."
    Jill: "Mary said (that) she was going to play tennis ."
  a. that day   b. today   c. tomorrow
3) Mary: "I went shopping yesterday."
    Jill: "Mary said (that) she had gone shopping ."
  a. yesterday   b. the day before   c. on Saturday
4) Mary: "I am enjoying life now."
    Jill: "Mary said (that) she was enjoying life ."
  a. now   b. at that time   c. today
5) Mary: "I will cook dinner later this evening."
    Jill: "Mary said (that) she would cook dinner later .
  a. that evening   b. in the evening   c. this evening
6) Mary: "I'm going to class in three hours."
    Jill: "Mary said (that) she was going to class ."
  a. three hours before   b. three hours later   c. in three hours
7) Mary: "I went to bed early last night."
    Jill: "Mary said (that) she had gone to bed early ."
  a. the night before   b. last night   c. the night prior
8) Mary: "I am going to go to London in 10 days."
    Jill: "Mary said (that) she was going to go to London ."
  a. in 10 days   b. 10 days later   c. on Wednesday
9) Mary: "I had lunch at noon."
    Jill: "Mary said (that) she had had lunch .
  a. at 12 o'clock   b. at noon   c. that noon
10) Mary: "I will play cards the day after tomorrow."
      Jill: Mary said (that) she would play cards ."
  a. in two days   b. on Thursday   c. two days later
11) Mary: "I bought it three years ago."
      Jill: "Mary said (that) she had bought it ."
  a. in three years   b. three years ago   c. three years before