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Gap Fill and Listening: Too Much Love by Queen

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Gap Fill and Listening: Too Much Love Will Kill You

By Queen

This is the first paragraph of a letter which uses phrases originally used in song titles by Queen. Ten words have been removed from them. Can you find where they fit?

kills funny forever Universe yourself life hang company play champions

Dear Friends,

I miss your Good ! It's hard to Keep alive when your heart breaks. It's how love is. We all the game. I went Headlong into love recently and found It's a hard . If this is life, Who wants to live ? But You and I, We are the and we need to remember to on in there and that our friendship makes us Princes of the ! Love hearts but Friends will be friends forever!

You can find the whole letter on http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474977056637

if you are interested. It is worth readingThumbs Up

Now watch the video and do the following exercises.
Tick the words that you can hear.

I'm just the peaces pieces of the man I used use to be

Too many bitter better tears are training raining down on me

I'm far away a way from home

And I've been faking facing this alone

For much too long

Unscramble the lines of the second verse

In my tangled state of mind

I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me

Where I went wrong

About growing up and what a struggle it would be

I've been looking back to find

Which words can you hear?

Too much love will kill you

If you can't up your mind

between the lover

And the love you leave behind

You're for disaster

'cos you never read the

Too much love will kill you

Every time

Image created by aj r.

Match the beginning and the end of the following lines.

I'm just the shadow of A no way out of this for me

And it seems like there's B the man I used to be

I used to C do is bring you down

Now all I ever D bring you sunshine

Write in the missing words. The images may help

How it be if you were in my

Can't you it's impossible to

No there's no making of it

Every way I go I have to

Too much will kill you

Just as sure as none at all

It'll drain the that's in you

Make you plead and and crawl

The pain will make you

You're the victim of your

Too much love will kill you

Every time

Tick the extra words. There is one in each line.

Too much love you will kill you

It'll make your friend’s life a lie

Yes, too much great love will kill you

And so you won't understand why

You'd give me your life, you'd sell your soul

But here does it comes again

If too much love will kill you

In the end...

In the end.