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The Logical song

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The Logical Song
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��������������������� Logical song by Supertramp

1st Part: Write the number of the following words in the gaps and fill in the missing words

1. happily� �2. beautiful��3. magical��� 4. joyfully��

5. miracle�� 6. wonderful��� 7. playfully
When I was young
It seemed that life was so
A , oh it was ,�
And all the �in the
Well they'd be singing so
Oh , oh �watching me
2nd Part: Tick the correct word
But then they sent me away on my way
To teach me how to be sensitivesensible
LiberalLogical, oh resistibleresponsible, practicalprodigal
And they showed me a wordworld
Where I could be so dependablepresentable
Oh clinicalcynical, oh intentionalintellectual, clinicalcynical
3rd Part(Chorus): Unscramble the letters
There are (metis) when all the world's (sapele)
The questions run too (pede)
For such a (pelism) man
Won't you please, please tell me what you've (denrael)
I know it sounds (sadurb)
But please tell me who I am
4th Part: Choose the correct word
Now watch what you say
Or they'll be calling you a
A , oh ,
Oh won't you sign up your name
We'd like to feel you're
, oh , a
At night... (Chorus)
Find 8 adjectives with a positive meaning from the song

Form nouns from these adjectives