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Watch the video and complete the blanks:
A is for I am strong.                                    B is my , where is yours
C is for and also .                       D some have that go in
E here they are, my two                      F my can touch the sky
G let's reach down to the                        Haa-Haa-Haa that's the sound
I am me, am me                                  J this is so funny
K the ball like this                                      L my blow a kiss
M I open my so wide                             N I smell with my all the time
O Oh-Oh I say sometimes                            P I have in my pants
Q the I can ask                                 R for up my sleeves
S Shhh-Shhh let's be quiet                                       T my mouth is full of
U an face like this                                    V my is strong and high
W , , and         X an song to sing
Y and I can sing this again                         Z is always at the end
Now choose the correct option:
Which part of the body -->     is  NOT in the song?
Which of these sounds -->  is NOT in the song?  
We make  when we laugh.
We make       when we are surprised.
We make         when we make a mistake.                           
       is for Silence!!
That's all ..............let's sing together!!!!     Thumbs Up