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Advanced vocabulary (1)

Complete with the best word:
1. Charles has been �"the good student"
2. The president was �by critics.
3. That mission is �in�secret.
4. The girl was �by his boyfriend's reaction.
5. The shoplifter was �at the last moment.
6. The receipt secret is �down from generation to generation.
7. The answer was �in formal terms.
8. This song is �to be fantastic.
9. This building has been �for demolition.
Complete with the best preposition:
1. The actor is hounded �fans.
2. The new building is deemed��be spectacular.
3. The floor is strewn �a lot of newspapers.�
4. The project is doomed �be a failure.
5. I was bowled �by her sweetness.��
6.�He�was sworn �as president.���
7. Her bad behaviour must be stamped .
8. I was baffled �her answer.
9. I'm dogged �misfortune.
10. Her behaviour can be construed �immoral.
11. She can't stand being talked down .
12. I'm mesmerised �her talent as an actress.
13. The conditions cannot be ruled .
14. The new boss put pressure �the staff.��
15. I ran �Mario when I was at the concert.
16. Some doubts can arise �the process.
17. The famous tunnel caved �on the train.
18.�Our teacher�warned us��copying during the exam.�
19. He has to comply �his obligations.
20. The president absconded��all our money.
21. Do you plan �visiting�my country?
22.�Our teacher is a credit �his profession.
23. Are you dependent �your parents?
Choose the best word to complete these expressions:
1. A �of lemon
2. A �of flu��
3. A �of rain
4. A �of blood
5. A �of insects��
6. A �of questions
7. �of hair
8. A �of an argument�
9. A��of dust
10. A �of luck�
11. A �of wind
12. A �of evidence