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New Interchange 3 - Review of Units 9 and 10

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Review of Units 9-10 (New Interchange 3)
Rewrite the sentences correctly.
1.  Do you know where Bob can have his passport photo took?
2.  You can have your essay type by Prajjwal.
3.  Do you know where can I get someone to paint my apartment?
4.  You can get your homework translate by Laith.
5.  Do you know where Mrs. Krueger can get her hair cutted?
Choose the correct three-word phrasal verb.
1.  I'm my vacation, but I haven't saved enough money.
2.  I don't  my parents very well.  We're always fighting.
3.  I can't  my pet anymore.  I guess I'll have to give my cat to my brother.
4.  I'd like to  the amount of junk food I eat.  I'm getting too fat!
Complete the suggestions using the verbs in parentheses.
1.  Have you thought about  a fitness club?  (join)
2.  It might be a good idea  less pizza.  (eat)
3.  Maybe you could  playing volleyball.  (start)
4.  Why don't you  plastic surgery.  (get)
Complete the following sentences with the correct time word.
1.  The first Iditarod was held  1973,  30 years .
2.  Apartheid existed in South Africa  1948  1991.
3.  Spacecraft  first landed on Mars  1997.
4.  The Berlin wall was up  almost 30 years.
5.  The modern Olympics have existed  1896.
Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verb (will, future continuous, or future perfect).
A:  Five years from now,  you  to a new city?  (move)
B:  Yes, I think I  away from here.  (move)
A:  Where do you think you  to?  (move)
B:  I'm trying to get a job in Shanghai.
A:  Really?  What  you  there?  (do)
B:  I .  (teach)