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Present Perfect

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1. Describe the following verbs:

a) Decide if the verb is regular or irregular

b) What´s the past participle conjugation for each one?    

       Regular / Irregular                               Regular / Irregular           (call)                                                                                                                            (eat)

        Regular / Irregular                                 Regular /Irregular             
       (be)                                                                                                                     (jog)
       Regular /Irregular                           Regular /Irregular      
           (ask)                                                                                                                (try)
     Regular /Irregular                                  Regular /Irregular     
   (do homework)                                                                                            (take a picture)
     Regular /Irregular                                  Regular /Irregular      
         (go)                                                                                                             (have)
     Regular /Irregular                          Regular /Irregular         
     (make a castle)                                                                                         (ride a horse)
      Regular /Irregular                        Regular / Irregular          
        (see)                                                                                                            (hike)


2. Which one is the correct one?

1.                                                                                        2.                                                                               3.

Have you eaten lunch  yet?                                      Yes, I have already eaten lunch                         No, I haven´t already eaten lunch

Have you already eaten lunch?                                Yes, I have eaten lunch yet                                No, I haven´t eaten lunch yet


3. Listen to the verbs and complete the following conversations using the present perfect accurately

(Tip: remember to write the past participle for each verb)

1. A:  you   much exercise this week?

    B: Yes, I  already   to aerobics class four times

2. A:  you   any sports this month?

    B: No, I     the time.

3. A: How many movies  you   to this month?

    B: Actually, I     any yet.

4. A:  you   to any interesting parties recently?

    B: No, I    to any parties for quite a while.

5. A:  you   any of your friends today?

    B: Yes, I  already   three calls.

6. A: How many times  you   out to eat this week?

    B: I    at fast-food restaurants a couple of times.