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Team Edward/ Team Jacob : New Moon

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« Team Edward »


« Team Jacob »

First answer that simple question :

Who wrote the « Twilight » saga ?

Then if you are a real « Twilight » fan, you must choose a side : the vampire's side or the werewolf's side.
But before making your choice, let's have a look at both teams.

Team Edward

Watch this scene and answer the questions.


1. What sort of class was it ?
2. What vegetable did they study ?
3. Does Bella like the rain in Forks ?
4. Have Bella and Edward seen each other before ?
5. How many phases of the vegetable did they see ?
6. What colour were Edward's eyes ?
7. Where were they at the end of the scene ?
Scene 2

1. Where were they ?
2. Was Bella happy about all the attention she dragged ?
3. What were her friends doing when the Cullens arrived ?
4. How many Cullens arrived together ?  6  5  4
5. Who arrived first ?
6. Who arrived the last ?
7. When arrived in the Biology class, what was Edward's reaction ? Did he look happy ?
8. What was Edward doing while Bella was listening to the teacher ?
Team Jacob
Ok, now let's see a little about the werewolf-to-be , Jacob :
1. How many characters can you see ?
2. What's the weather like ?
3. What sport are Bella's friends supposed to be practising ?
4. Where are Bella and Jacob walking ?
5. What secret does Jacob tell Bella ?
6. The Quileutes, Jacob's tribe, is an Indian / Native American tribe coming from :
7. What is the treaty between the Cullens and the Quileutes ?
8. Why did Jacob's ancestors make this treaty with the Cullens ?
9. What's the name the Quileutes give to white people ?
10. Does Jacob believe in this legend ?
Right, now, have a good look at the cover and the movie poster from the sequel of "Twilight".
  What's the title of the new book ?
Who do you think is becoming important in "New Moon" ?
Why? How can you tell ? * New Moon's book : the word moon is usually related to  so it is related to Jacob Edward and his tribe.
                                               * On the poster, Jacob is standing behind  between Bella and Edward.
Watch and enjoy the trailer of the "New Moon " movie to come :
Well, take your pick now : Edward, the cold romantic one or Jacob, the Hot and best friend one.