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Using "a", "an", and "the"

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Using “a”, “an”, or “the”


Use the article “a” for a single noun that begins with a consonant or a word that begins with “u”, that is pronounced like “you”, that is not a specific item or it is unknown.  

          Example:  I need a pencil.

          Example:  That is a union flag.

Use the article “an” for a single noun that begins with a vowel or silent “h” that is not a specific item or it is unknown. 

          Example:  I need an honest person to help me.

          Example:  Jane wants an umbrella; it’s raining.

Use the article “the” for nouns, singular or plural, that are more specific or belongs in a group.

          Example:  The dog needs feeding.  (already known)

          Example:  Hand me the pencils over there.  (location specific)

Tip:  If you can use "any" in some cases you know that you need "a" or "an".


1.       Nohemi needs book for math class.

2.      Juan went to movies to see new animal film.

3.      Irving speaks English to new student.

4.      I want to borrow markers.

5.      May I get drink of water?

6.      That is big baby.

7.       I really need  dictionary for English.

8.       What is that photo of?

9.       This is wonderful day.

10. This has been most wonderful day.

11. Congrats, that is  honor to recieve "Student of the Month".

12. It is my desire to see  sun set in Hawaii.

13. Please can you give me  calculator?

14. I like to see  unique drawing from you.

15. Mr. Speaks would love to have  quiet day.