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At the doctor´s

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At the doctor´s

Lucy     Good morning, doctor.
Doctor   Good morning, Lucy.
Lucy     I´m not feeling well this morning.
              I have a terrible headache.
Doctor  Have you got a temperature?
Lucy      Yes, 38.
Doctor   I must examine you. Open your mouth. Right. And now,
             turn around. O.K., Lucy it´s a very bad cold. You must
             stay in bed for 5 days. Here is a prescription for some
             pills and dropps. Take the medicine every 8 hours.
             Come to see me again on Tuesday. You needn´t get up 
             early. Come at 10 o´clock. You needn´t wait.
Lucy    Thank you very much.     
Doctor  You´re welcome.
Lucy    Good-bye.
Doctor  Good-bye, Lucy.
Is it true or false?
Lucy has got a toothache.                                  
Lucy has got a temperature.                           
Lucy must stay in bed for 7 days.                   
Lucy must take the medicine every 5 hours.    
Lucy must go to school.