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Reported Speech

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Reporting Questions (Harim)
I-Choose the best phrase to complete the reported question:
1)  I asked Imane   

2)  Can you tell me ?

3)   Do you remember ?

4)  I told Mounir and Fayssal .

5)  He asked Zineb  .

6)  I warned Farouq .

7)  I asked her   she wanted to marry Badr

8)  He said  if she accepted. 

9)  Joan asked .

10)   Do you know  last time

II-Report these sentences:

1."I am going to the cinema with my girlfriend".
He said that .

2. "You have made that mistake again!"

He told her that  .

3. "They are waiting here."

 He announced that .

4. "I'll pass this exam with flying colours"

 Jalila said that .

5. "I lost my temper last week."

 He said that .

6. "I was as sick as a dog yesterday."

 She told me that  .

7."Said is planning to start his own business"

 Jalila told us that . .

8."She has given me a birthday gift !"

 He announced that .

9. "They must do it now" .

 I told her that  .

10."I will answer the letter."

 He announced that 

   Other Reporting Verbs
III- Report these sentences using one of the following verbs:advise, hope, promise, suggest ,beg, insist,accuse, remind,threaten ,deny ,invite, refuse, order,warn

1 "I didn't do it," she said.

 She  doing it.

2 "Have dinner with me," she said.

 She  me to have dinner with her.

3 "Why don't you buy this one?" said Wafaa.

 Wafaa  I buy one.

4 "I promise I'll take you to Palestine," said Mary.

 Mary  to take me to Palestine.

5 "If only Sanaa phones tonight," said John.

 John  Sanaa would phone that night.

6 "Please, please don't tell anyone!" Asmaa said.

 Asmaa   me not to tell anyone.

7 "I won't do it," he said.

 He  to do it.

8 "Get out of the car!" the policeman said.

 The policeman  the driver to have lessons.

9 "We really must go with you," they said.

 They  on going with me.

10 "Don't forget to phone Brahim," said Mum.

 Mum  me to phone Brahim.

11 "If you wear my T-shirt again, I'll pinch you very hard," said Basma.

 Basma  to pinch me very hard if I wore her T-shirt again.

12 "I WON4T LEND YOU ANY MONEY" said my friend.

 My friend  to lend me any money.

 13" You robbed the bank!" said the judge to the criminal.
The judge  the criminat of robbing the bank