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Video - The IT Crowd - Season 3 Episode 5

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What is Friendface?
Task 1: Look and listen to the video. Complete the blanks with the missing words
                                                                    Moss        Jen          Roy
What is Friendface?

is a great new site for
How does it ?
Friendface works along the same principle as a  or a terrible plague, but it's not disgusting  that Friendface spreads, it's . 
Each Friendface page is like a petri dish filled with friendship germs. When you stick your face into the dish, you may come away with  of other people attached to your !
That's right, it's basically a diseased face of friendship!
Just sign in with Friendface, by giving us all of your personal , and we'll provide a web  where you can meet new friends,
catch up with  ones, and maybe find that  someone. 
Don't think about germs now, that analogy is over! Now it's just  and companionship, and everything's fine.
We own  you put on Friendface...
It says so in the terms and agreements, but don't worry about that, we won't use it to do anything bad, we .
Just think about love and companionship and everything's fine. Friendface. Friendface. FriendFace.
Task 2: Look at the scene and tick the true statements. 
1. Jen, Roy and Moss have signed up with Friendface. 
2. Jen and Roy have an annoying bleep every time she gets a message. 
3. To open a chat window you have to press a speech bubble in the right hand corner. 
4. Jen feels very social. 

CynWilkinson 2009