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IS ELVIS ALIVE? vocabulary exercise

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Complete the text with the words given:

tombstone - debate - wax -  rendition -  secretly - involved - real .

Many people whether or not Elvis Presley really died on August 16, 1977.

The circumstances with Elvis' death are very mysterious.

First of all, Elvis' name is not spelled correctly on his . Why is that? Also, many people argue that Elvis' body was not even in the casket that was photographed. 

In fact, it has been argued that the person in the casket of Elvis Presley, dead or alive, was not even a person at all. Many argue that it was a figure of Elvis. Some say the wax figure was a poor of the King of Rock and Roll.

For this reason, I'll refer to the person, or thing, that was pictured in Elvis' casket as an Elvis Presley figure. 
surrounding - inspired - preparing - best - hundreds - movie - fans - preview - documentary

The fact that Elvis may really be alive has filmmaker, Adam Muskiewicz, to create a about Elvis. Adam Muskiewicz has interviewed of people somehow associated with Elvis, along with many , and controversial figures.

The film is titled, The Truth About Elvis. A of the film has already been posted on the Internet, and is Elvis fans for its August 2007 debut. 

Although Adam Muskiewicz is is a fan of Elvis Presley, he has done his to remain unbiased regarding the controversy Elvis' death. In fact, The Truth About Elvis, is a well-made regarding Elvis' life, death, and circumstances surrounding his death.
impressed - fact - intrigued -  happen - fictional - truth - brother - time - headline - reason - available

I previewed the movie trailer of, The Truth About Elvis today, and must admit I was very with what I saw. Along with you, I am very with the fact that so many believe that Elvis is alive. No doubt, when The Truth About Elvis is released in August, it will certainly make mainstream news.

Think about it for a minute, what would if Elvis is really alive? It would turn the music industry upside down. The simple that so many credible people are arguing the about Elvis' death, proves that people just don't want to let Elvis go. 

People just can't get enough of Elvis. For this , I have written a book about Elvis Presley. It's a story about an Elvis impersonator, and involves Elvis's life, his death, and even his Jesse Garron.
The book is called, The Journey To Elvis Presley. It will be released at the same the film, The Truth About Elvis, is released. You can preview it on this website, and immediate downloads are .