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How much...? How many...? a little a few

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How much...?          How many...?          a little          a few
  • How  photographs did you take?

Just .

  • How  orange juice do we have left?

Only  bit.

  • How  time do we have?

Just , we're late. Ermm

  • How  pencils do we have left?

Just , we need to buy more.

  • How  bottles of water do we have?

Quite , enough for this week.

  • Do you know how  paper is left in your notebook?

It's quite full, just  pages left.

  • How  chicken do you want with your rice?

Not  thanks.

  • How  money does an English teacher earn?

Not . Cry

  • How  soup do you want?

Just , I'm not hungry.

  • You haven't got  chips.  Do you want  of mine?

Ok, thanks! Thumbs Up