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To be

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1). Insert verb “to be”


1.      Whereyou from? Ifrom Moldova.

2.      How old you? How old your friend?

3.      Whatyour address?

4.      Iglad to see you. Howyou?

5.      Mary tired? No, she … not

6.      Moscow …. the capital of Russia.

7.      Ithirsty. Give me a glass of water, please.

8.      Tom and Bod good football players? Yes, they

9.      What .your sister’s address?

10. your father a doctor? No, he not. He an actor.


2). Use do, does, am, are or is


1.      you know this word?

2.      this that boy from England?

3.      those students study hard?

4.      you from South America?

5.      the women students here?

6.      you know the new student?

7.      Charles like coffee?

8.      the news (numai in singular) good today?

9.      that book on the table?

10. .Mike smoke too much?