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3-The Muslim science and scientists throughout history. (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Lycee Si-Tarek of Relizane
Second Year Pupils Scientific Streams
Second Term Examination
PART ONE : Reading.
Take your time watch this video first.
Now read the following passage carefully then do the tasks below.
 In the ninth century the Muslims became the chief standard-bearers of science and philosophy.  of Muslim science lasted for about two centuries, from 900 AD to 1100 AD. The world owes a great depth of gratitude to the Muslim caliphs for their support for learning during this period.
The Muslims made important contributions to mathematics. The most outstanding work in Arabic in this field was probably the “arithmetic” of the Persian Al-Khawarismi (ninth century). In this treatise the author introduced a striking innovation; the number system that we use today and that we call the “Arabic Numerals” (0123456789). Al-Khawarismi also wrote a treatise entitled “On Algebra”. In was based to a certain extent on Hindu sources.
The Muslims were greatly interested in astronomy. The caliph Al-Ma’mun built a splendid observatory in Baghdad in the year 829, and his astronomers made regular observations of the heavens. One of them was Al-Battani (?? - 929) who revised many false notions in Ptolemy’s book “Great Composition” which was translated into Arabic.
There were also great physicists among the Muslim scientists. Al-Hazen (AbûʿAlî al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham) of Basra (about 965 AD – 1038 AD) is the most famous one. His chief works were the “Treasury of Optics” and “On the Burning Sphere” in which he worked out the laws of reflection.
2° AS TextBook Pg. 96.
A – Comprehension:
I-The text is about
II-In which paragraph is it mentioned that the Muslim leaders encouraged a lot the development of science during the early Islamic history?      This is in § N°  
III-Complete the following table with information from the text.  mathematics astronomy physicists
Important works
1 -
2 -
Corrected Ptolemy’s book
3 -
“Treasury of Optics” and “On the Burning Sphere”
IV-Answer the following questions according to the text. (02 pts)
1.    What was the period of time when the Muslim science developed called?
2.    Did the Caliph El-Ma’mun help the advance of science? Justify.
B-Text Exploration:
V-Find in the text words, phrases or expressions that are close in meaning to the following.
         1-help (n) §1= 
         2-study (n) §2= 
         3-Principal (adj.) §4=
VI-Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense and form.
 1-If you (to stand)  on your head your blood (to rush)  to your head.
         2-A -If you (to eat)  too much, you (not to stay)  slim.
VII-Complete the following sentences so that they make sense. Use the word in brackets
         1-If I pass my exam next year,  (university)
         2-If I work harder at school,  (parents/happy)
VIII-Thick the stressed syllable in the following words.
         1.COM-PO-SI-TION          2.A-RITH-ME-TIC       3.PHY-LO-SO-PHY
PART TWO: Writing. 
Write a composition on the following situation. (This is to be done on paper and handed to the teacher when asked)
“Some people say that the environment is the air, water, and land on Earth, which can be harmed by man's activities. They also say that Water is getting scarce so we must do our best to preserve it.”
         What should be done to preserve that precious and strategic resource?
         (Start your composition by talking about the importance of water then use the following points to finish your writing.)
-         Build small dams to retain rain water.
-         Don’t throw rubbish in the rivers.
-         Water is life, don’t waste it.
-         Don’t leave the water taps in the home open.
-         Repair the leaking taps and pipes.
-         Water the garden when necessary.
-         Restrain the use of drinking water to a few hours a day when necessary.
-         Schools should make the pupils aware of the importance of water.  …/…
Have Fun.