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Nancy Sinatra BANG BANG (Past simple and questions) Adults. By VanesaA

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Nancy Sinatra       BANG BANG 
 (to be PAST SIMPLE) five and he (to be PAST SIMPLE) six,
we  (ride PAST SIMPLE) on horses made of sticks.
He  (wear PAST SIMPLE) black and I   (wear PAST SIMPLE)white,
he would always win the fight.

Bang Bang,
He  (shoot PAST SIMPLE) me down
Bang Bang,
(hit PAST SIMPLE) the ground
Bang Bang,
That awfull sound
Bang Bang,
My baby  (shoot PAST SIMPLE)me down.

Seasons  (come PAST S)and  (change PAST SIMPLE) the time,
when I  (grow up PAST SIMPLE) I  (call PAST SIMPLE)him mine.
He would always laugh and say,
remember when we used to play.

Bang Bang,
 PAST SIMPLE)you down
Bang Bang,
You  (hit PAST SIMPLE)the ground
Bang Bang,
I used to shoot you down.

Music  (play PAST SIMPLE) and people saying,
just for me the churchbells  (ring PAST SIMPLE).

Now he's gone,
I dont know .
And till this day,
sometimes I .
He didn't even say ,
he didn't take the time to lie.

How old was she?
How old was he?
What colour did she wear?
Did she always win?
Did they used to play when they were young?
Did they get married?
Did he stay?
Did he go away?
Was he a good husband?
Did he say good-bye?
Did he take the time to lie?                                            By Vanesaa