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Calgary, Alberta - Canada

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  Calgary, Alberta - Canada
1. Is Calgary the capital city of Alberta?
2. When was Calgary founded?
a) 1775      b) 1875     c) 1805
3. What's the name of the park to the North of the city?
4. What year was the Palliser Fairmont Hotel built?
5. Where is the Glenbow Museum located?
6. Which exhibition is the most impressive?
7. What is special about Stephen Avenue?
You can walk along the street because there are no cars.
There isn't anything special about it.
You can find unique shops there.
8. How much do cowboy hats start off at?
9. How much is the most you can pay for a hand made hat?  
9B. What type of leather is it made from?
Goat     Lizard    Beaver    Seal
10. What type of specialty leathers can you get cowboy boots made of?
Lizard      Alligator       Beaver       Snake     Stingray     Shark   
11. How long does the Calgary Stampede last?
11A. What does the Calgary Stampede celebrate?
12. What is the name of one of the famous Calgary Western bars that visitors like that go to?
13. What's the name of the city's most famous attraction?
The Hour      The Tower     The Fort  
13 A. How high is this structure?
13 B. Can you see The Rockies from here?