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Funny commercials!!

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 Number the sentences in the order you hear them:

-        Beautiful!

-        Hey. Which one’s yours?  

-        Which one’s yours?

-        Can you hold it up, please?

-        Proud sponsor of Busch  Series Rookie of the year contender , Reed Sorenson . Discount Tire Company.  

-        That one. Right there.

-        Congratulations!

-        This one. Right here.

-        Wow . This is great!

-        Thanks!


Write the missing words:

- Hello?

- Honey? Are you at the  ?

- Yes.

- I'm at the  now, and I found this  leather coat. It's only a  . Can I get it? 

- Well, sure... if you  it that much.

- Okay, ...um...I also stopped by the  leadership and saw the new model - you know, the one I really like.

- How much?

- A hundred and   .

- Well, at that  I want it with all the options.

- Great! Oh, and one more thing the  we wanted last year is back at the  . They're -They 're asking one point five.

- Well, make them an  . But come in at uh, one point four.

- Okay. I love you, baby.

- I love you too.

- Okay. Bye!

- Um, does anybody know  phone this is?


Practice the conversations with a partner! Try to imitate the entonation! Good luck!!


   by Pacchy

[email protected]