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PASSIVE VOICE Review 02 (20 Items) (Author-Bouabdellah)

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 Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
  Third Year Students
  Technological Streams 2003/2004
  Structure Practice: The Passive Voice

 QuestionExercise TWO:Complete the sentences with a passive construction, using
                                     the verbs given in the form suggested.
1. Thumbs Up Much of London (destroy)  by fire in the seventeenth century.
(Past Simple)
2. Thumbs Up The man who (bite) by a snake was given a serum.
(Past Perfect)
3. Thumbs Up A leader should be a man who can (respect)
4. Thumbs Up Many slums (demolish)  to make way for new buildings.
(Present Continuous)
5. Thumbs Up The police (instruct)  to take firm action against hooligans.
(Present Perfect)
6. Thumbs Up He (save) from bankruptcy by the kindness of a friend.
(Past Simple)
7. Thumbs Up A cease‑fire (expect)  (declare)  later this week.
(Present Simple, Infinitive)
8. Thumbs Up A great deal of research (do)  into possible causes of cancer
(Present Perfect)
9. Thumbs Up The worker claimed that he (victimize) by his employers.
(Past Continuous)
10. Thumbs Up The tenant (evict) for not paying his rent.
(Past Simple)
11. Thumbs Up It (think)  that the Government would do something to help.
(Past Perfect)
12. Thumbs Up Three hundred new houses (build)  by the end of next year.
(Future Perfect)
13. Thumbs Up Because of a strike, work on the building had to (discontinue).
14. Thumbs Up The witness strongly objected to (cross‑examine).
15.(Threaten) by a blackmailer, he immediately informed the police. 
(Perfect Participle)
16. Thumbs Up I am not accustomed to (treat) in that way.
17. Thumbs Up The passengers ought (inform)  the train (withdraw)  from service.
(Perfect Infinitive. Past Perfect)
18. Thumbs Up Customers (ask)  to ensure that they (give)  the correct change before leaving the shop, as mistakes cannot afterwards (rectify)
(Present Simple, Present Perfect, Infinitive)
19. Thumbs Up Was he very upset at (not offer) the job?
20. Thumbs Up The man was sent to prison for six months, (find)  guilty of fraud.
(Perfect Participle