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PASSIVE VOICE Review 02 (20 Items) (Author-Bouabdellah)

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�Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
Third Year Students
� Technological Streams 2003/2004
� Structure Practice: The Passive Voice

QuestionExercise TWO:Complete the sentences with a passive construction, using
�������������������������������������the verbs given in the form suggested.
1. Thumbs Up�Much of London (destroy) �by fire in the seventeenth century.
(Past Simple)
2. Thumbs Up�The man who (bite) by a snake was given a serum.
(Past Perfect)
3. Thumbs Up�A leader should be a man who can (respect)
4. Thumbs Up�Many slums (demolish) �to make way for new buildings.
(Present Continuous)
5. Thumbs Up�The police (instruct) �to take firm action against hooligans.
(Present Perfect)
6. Thumbs Up�He (save) from bankruptcy by the kindness of a friend.
(Past Simple)
7. Thumbs Up�A cease‑fire (expect) �(declare) �later this week.
(Present Simple, Infinitive)
8. Thumbs Up�A great deal of research (do) �into possible causes of cancer
(Present Perfect)
9. Thumbs Up�The worker claimed that he (victimize) by his employers.
(Past Continuous)
10. Thumbs Up�The tenant (evict) for not paying his rent.
(Past Simple)
11. Thumbs Up�It (think) �that the Government would do something to help.
(Past Perfect)
12. Thumbs Up�Three hundred new houses (build) �by the end of next year.
(Future Perfect)
13. Thumbs Up�Because of a strike, work on the building had to (discontinue).
14. Thumbs Up�The witness strongly objected to (cross‑examine).
15.(Threaten) by a blackmailer, he immediately informed the police.�
(Perfect Participle)
16. Thumbs Up�I am not accustomed to (treat) in that way.
17. Thumbs Up�The passengers ought (inform) �the train (withdraw) �from service.
(Perfect Infinitive. Past Perfect)
18. Thumbs Up�Customers (ask) �to ensure that they (give) �the correct change before leaving the shop, as mistakes cannot afterwards (rectify)
(Present Simple, Present Perfect, Infinitive)
19. Thumbs Up�Was he very upset at (not offer) the job?
20. Thumbs Up�The man was sent to prison for six months, (find) �guilty of fraud.
(Perfect Participle)�