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Dolphins parenting - listening comprehension & vocabulary skills

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Dolphin Parenting

Watch the video and listen carefully. Choose the right word, please:
��� Young dolphins aren't born with the� necessery�to themselves. In fact, the� rate for dolphin calves is 50% in a first year.
��� What they are born with is the ability to mimic and mirror whaterver their mother does. And this is how they learn to . The calf becomes moms shadow, imitating her every move, pose, posture and action. If mom stands up on her tail, so does her calf. Come on parents! Don't You wish You could get this kind of cooperation? Of all the skills that mom has to teach junior, the most important one is how to find .�She gives the instructions which sounds like this.
�� When fish hear her, they� cover themselves into the sand. The dolphins than noodlisewhat's called echolocation. A kind of dolphins sonar system where their voice echos back giving them a clear idea where fishy lie the surface. As mom looks for food her calf continues to mimic her every move.
����Another technique for the Young wants to master �� in the��. These dolphins are� along in ��speed. Their bodies half the inner, half out of the water. And now watch, how effective this technique is for catching fish. Oh, catch you!
���� Effective - yes, but not all dolphins have mastered the art of hydroplaning and those who have, get to of that. They� the catching and play with it. And they under water too. Now, why doesn't another dolphin try to it? This might be a ritual to trust. Or maybe the other dolphins just want to� getting into a fight. So, this is the last thing that dolphin calf learns from mom. Playing with your food is not only ok, it gives You status with Your� dolphins.
Thank You!