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Kimchi - A Typical Korean Dish

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Kimchi -A Traditional Korean Dish 
Fill in the gaps with the words provided below.
method   spicy   century   Korean  different  nutritious  introduced   culture   vegetable   minerals   fish   major 

Kimch'i is a salted and pickled  dish, often presented as a traditional side dish in any  meal. The fermentation of  vegetables, complemented by salted  and other seasonings, give it a unique flavor. The hot and  taste of kimch'i stimulates one's appetite. It is also a  dish, providing vitamins and . Kimch'i can also be preserved for long periods of time.

Red pepper was  to the making of kimch'i in the 17th  . The introduction of red pepper in the process was a  innovation to the Korean food .  By using red pepper with vegetables and fish, a unique  of food preservation was born, thus leading to the adoption of kimch'i as a Korean staple.

                                                                                                                                                       (adapted from Marimari.com)
Now listen to the video and answer the questions.
1.Why is this a special episode? 
2.What seasonal Kimchi are they going to make? 
A spring style Kimchi      A summer style Kimchi    A winter style Kimchi
3. What ingrediants go into the Kimchi they are making?
Cabbage    Lettuce    Cucumber    Carrots     Garlic    Onions    Shrimp    Fish    Salt    Pepper   
Sugar    Onion    Tomatoes     Potatoes     Radish   
4. How much salt goes into the recipe?  tablespoons
5. Is the red pepper to .... make it spicy    or   add colour    
6. How much soda water is added to the kimchi?
7. What do they do with the cucumbers?
8. What fruit is added to the mixture? 
9. How many days do they leave the Kimchi for at room temperature?
10. What is the name of the title song played at the end of the video?
Now here's a little treat! A song by one of our members about this wonderful Korean dish!