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Learn the irregular verbs
       Quiz 1 - 2 - 3

Play the games       

Game 6             


  • Complete the sentence. Write the correct past form of the verb. Good Luck!

1 .    Mr. Fox   a lot of jokes when he was younger.( know)

2  .   My friends  me a nice present for my birthday. (give)
3. They  me a new bike.(buy)

4.   We always  English in the summer camp in Spain.(speak)

5. The man  us the truth.(tell)

6.   My brother  his homework in the afternoon. (do)

7. Then he  a glass of orange juice.(drink)

8. my keys at home yesterday.(forget)

9.  My uncle  me a lovely postcard last week.(write)

10. Last Sunday my sister  off her bike in the yard.(fall)

11.    We  “Goodbye” and then we  our old friends.(say/leave)

12. My father  to the market by car today.(go)

13.  When she  home from work yesterday, she  very tired.(come/feel)

14.     My parents  to Los Angeles last month.(fly)


15.    two letters from my old teacher yesterday.  (get)

12      A week ago we at a nice restaurant. (be)

13. I  about that great woman yesterday . (think)
  • Choose the correct answer.
1. He ________ to sing when he was 9 years old. (to begin)

2. My little brother ________ his new glasses when he fell off hus bike. (to break)

3. The pupils ________ at the football championship a week ago. (to be)

4. I  ________ my French homework at school yesterday. (to do)
   am doing

5. He ________ all the "Harry Potter" books last year. (to read)

6. My father________ at my college last Monday? (to be)

7. That boy________ the ball in the basket. (to throw
  are throwing

8. The police ________ the thief quickly. (to catch)

9. He ______famous men and women from fistory in the "Madame Tussaud's Museum. (to see

10. I ________ T-shirts from the museum shop to remind us of our visit yesterday. (to buy)
  am buying
11. We ________ photos of our favorite stars last week. (to take)

12. We  ________ to the beach in the morning yesterday. (to drive)

13. I  ________ a bike all the  day yestaerday. (to ride)

14. Who________ my car?(to steal)

15. My mother ________ a beautiful. (to sing)

16. I  ________ my aunt an e-mail yesterday.(to write

17. The baby ________ in the living room peacefully. (to sleep)

18. The children________ in the lake in the afternoon.(swim)


  • Below is a list of things Dana wanted to do yesterday.
  • As she finished each one,she made a tick next to it.

           Look at the list.Fill in the things she did and didn't do.

         Things she did

1. Dana ate lunch.
2. Dana  milk and bread.
3.Dana  cheese sandwiches.
4.Dana  Mum at 18 o'clock.
5.Dana  Maya about English

 Things she didn't do

1. She didn't go to the swimming pool.
2. She  a letter to Maya.
3.She  a good book.
4.She  her new jeans.
5.She  her homework.

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