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Irregular Verbs

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Irregular Verbs - Past Simple ( 4 pages)
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Learn the irregular verbs
������ Quiz 1�- 2�- 3

Play the games�������

����������������������������������������� Game2
Game 6�������������


  • Complete the sentence. Write the correct past form of the verb. Good Luck!

1�.����Mr. Fox� �a lot of jokes when he was younger.( know)

2��.���My friends� me a nice present for my birthday. (give)
3.�They� me a new bike.(buy)

4.�� We always English�in the summer camp�in Spain.(speak)

5. The man�us the truth.(tell)

6.�� My brother��his homework in the afternoon. (do)

7. Then�he a�glass of orange juice.(drink)

8. I� my keys at home yesterday.(forget)

9.� My uncle��me a lovely postcard last week.(write)

10. Last Sunday my sister off her bike in the yard.(fall)

11.����We� �Goodbye� and then�we our old friends.(say/leave)

12.�My father�to�the market�by�car today.(go)

13.��When�she home from�work yesterday,�she very tired.(come/feel)

14.���� My parents� to Los Angeles last month.(fly)

15.��� I��two letters from my old teacher yesterday.� (get)

12������A week ago we at a nice restaurant. (be)

13.�I� about�that�great�woman yesterday�. (think)
  • Choose the correct answer.
1. He ________ to sing when he was 9 years old. (to begin)

2. My little brother�________�his new�glasses when�he fell off hus bike. (to break)

3.�The pupils�________ at the football championship�a week ago. (to be)

4. I� ________�my French homework at school yesterday. (to do)
�� do
�� did�
�� am doing

5. He ________ all the "Harry Potter" books last year. (to read)

6. My father________ at my college last Monday? (to be)

7. That boy________ the ball in the basket. (to throw)�
��are throwing

8.�The police�________ the thief quickly. (to catch)

9. He ______famous men and women from fistory in the "Madame Tussaud's Museum. (to see)�

10. I ________ T-shirts from the museum shop to remind us of our visit yesterday. (to buy)
��am buying
11.�We ________ photos of our favorite stars last week. (to take)

12. We� ________ to the beach in the morning yesterday. (to drive)

13. I� ________ a bike all the� day yestaerday. (to ride)

14. Who________ my car?(to steal)

15.�My mother�________ a beautiful. (to sing)

16.�I��________ my aunt an e-mail yesterday.(to write)�

17.�The baby�________ in the living room peacefully. (to sleep)

18. The children________ in the lake in the afternoon.(swim)

  • Below is a list of things Dana wanted to do yesterday.
  • As she finished each one,she made a tick next to it.

�����������Look at the list.Fill in the things she did and didn't do.

���������Things she did

1. Dana ate lunch.
2. Dana �milk and bread.
3.Dana �cheese sandwiches.
4.Dana �Mum at 18 o'clock.
5.Dana �Maya about English

Things she didn't do

1.�She didn't go to the swimming pool.
2. She �a letter to Maya.
3.She �a good book.
4.She �her new jeans.
5.She �her homework.

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