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Advanced vocabulary (3)

(Collocations and connectors)
 Complete with the best word:
Expressions of time
1 By the  we arrived, they had already left.  (=when)
2 Prior  going to Australia, she visited Paris.  (=before)
3 In  meantime, she packed her bags.  ( =in the meanwhile)
4 Time and , she phoned him.  (=very often)
5 Each and  time we find people who start studying English.  ( =always)
6 He has to be prepared for the unexpected at  times.   (=constantly)
7 Every  often I go to the mountain. (=sometimes)
8 Silly accidents happen all  often. (=frequently)
9 It may happen in the years (=in the next years)
10 He went to the capital  a view to studying Maths there.  (=with the objective)
11 I have to criticise the book  the grounds that the writer has not reflected the real life of his country. (=because)
12 Owing   some important causes, the concert was cancelled. (=because of)
13  his lack of skills, he didn't get the job. (=because of)
14 Mindful  his talent, he applied for the job. (=conscious of)
15 He explained it again,  that we could understand what he had to do. (=so)
16 for you, we couldn't have arrived at the concert.  (=if ___ hadn't ____)
17 On  of all that, this game is also educational. (=moreover)           
18 There's a great divide  us now.  (=think very different)
19 There's a  of difference between the two classmates.  (=think very different)
20 All in , cars are a good way for travelling.  (=to sum up)
21   balance, I agreed with his idea. (=taking everything into consideration)
22 It is  than likely that their plan will start next year. (=very possible)
23 The arrival of the train is liable  change. (=likely)
24 For the most , smoking is has negative connotations.  (= for the vast majority)
25 We have lots of things in common except  our way of thinking about religion. (=with the exclusion of)
26 He is concerned  the way people interact. (=interested in)
27 The book made him, far and , a well-known writer.   (=by a great margin)
28 They looked for the ball far and , but they didn't find it.  (=everywhere)
29 My friends arrived  the conclusion that she wasn't a good friend. 
30 Those animals in the cages are bereft  happiness.   (=deprived, lack of)
31 This course is consistent  my ideals.  (=in agreement)
32 Now, with  to the meeting, we have to answer all their questions. (=with respect to)
33 There are a  of ways in which the government can help. (=many)
34 We're nowhere near  we used to be. (=far from sth)
35 This game has a great  of followers.  (=big quantity)
36 The book builds  this tradition. (=be based on)