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Question tags

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 Question Tags

It´s frequently used in spoken English when you want s.o. to agree or disagree.

Watch some rules and examples:

1. Choose the correct Question tag:
a) She's definitely not coming,
isn't she?
is she?
hasn't she?
b) It won't hurt,
won't it?
 will not it?
will it?
c) It happened yesterday,
 did it?
didn´t it?
 doesn't it?
d) It drives you mad,
 doesn't it?
 does it?
 didn't it?
e) They're selling their house,
 are they?
aren't they?
 aren't she?
2. Select the correct Question tag:
a)She is collecting stickers, ?
b) We often watch TV in the afternoon, ?
c) You have cleaned your bike, ?
d) John and Max don't like Maths, ?
e) Peter played handball yesterday, ?
f) They are going home from school, ?
g) Mary didn't do her homework last Monday, ?
h) He could have bought a new car, ?
i) Kevin will come tonight, ?
j) I'm clever,?
3. Complete the sentences with the Question tag:
a) You are John, ?
b) He didn't recognize me, ?
c) Cars pollute the environment, ?
d) He won't tell her, ?
e) Carol can study French, ?
Good luck!!!
by Telma L. Zen